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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Caring 4 Kids Foundation would like to thank you for your generous support in helping us provide meals to more than 75,000 children, since our inception in Las Vegas.

We could not have done the work we do without the incredible volunteers who shared their time, talent and generous spirits to help bag the food and deliver it each week. Those who volunteered experienced a great level of team-building and team accomplishment. The real gift of their hard work was seeing the faces of the children whom they helped to feed, knowing they had helped a child in need.

In addition to our volunteers, we thank our partners who have continued to support Caring 4 Kids with food drives, fundraising and in-kind services. So much of what we have done has only been possible because of dedication and determination to help us help children.

As you may know, we started off as a grassroots organization to help fill a need of hunger to homeless and at-risk children in our community, which we have successfully done. However, during the past several years, the Greater Las Vegas area has required larger organizations with bigger budgets to address the needs, due to the economic downturn.

Therefore, the Caring 4 Kids Foundation will be transitioning, in the summer of 2012, to a fundraising organization and online resource center for community development and outreach.

We look forward to the new opportunities Caring 4 Kids will be venturing into both locally and nationally. Please stay connected with us through our website and social media sites.

Once again, we thank you for all you have done to support Caring 4 Kids and the kids we serve.

Scott Sullivan

Founder and president

Scott Sullivan
January 07, 2013

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