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Letter to the Editor

It was wonderful to read Mr. Reinard's letter (April 26-May 2 issue) knowing that other neighborhoods have the same problems that we do. We have the new recycle cans, and they are wonderful—if people would use them right.

First off, they are too lazy to cut up boxes and put them in the recycle cans. Instead, they set them on top of the cans or beside them, and they blow to the neighbors' (yards). Even people who have Henderson business licenses (allow this to happen), (and I know this) because they didn't even take their name or address off the boxes (before disposing of them). They blew in our yard, and we had to get rid of them.

As far as stray cats go, we, too, had the problem, so (here's what you do). You get a cat trap,catch the cat and take it to Animal Control; if they can prove who it belongs to, they (the owners) can pay a fine, if they want the cat back.

Since the city claims they don't have enough code enforcement, I don't suppose anyone checks on people who water their yards on Sunday nor on 7-Elevens that wash their parking lots at night.

It's a shame the town got so big, and we don't have enough people to take care of us. Maybe if the people would walk more to do some of the work instead of spending money on new trucks, benches downtown for people to sit on and drink their beer, etc. How many people use those benches except on parade days?

Been here long enough to see how nice Henderson used to be, like around 1965.

Carolyn Haynes

Henderson, NV

Carolyn Haynes
January 07, 2013

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