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Letter to the Editor

It was with great pleasure that I read in The Henderson Press about the city of Henderson and Republic Services single stream recycling program, which, regretfully will not be in place until 2013. My question is: Could it possibly be started sooner in the Emerald Valley subdivision?

Since there were no instructions given to any of these residents on how to contain the recyclables during the past 13-plus years, newspapers and plastic bottles have been placed at the curb in their little "Red, White or Blue" containers with nothing to keep these materials from blowing all over the neighborhood—especially with the winds we have experienced lately.

I believe this also applies to the cheap garbage cans that have no lids and the unsecured plastic bags that the unrestrained cats of the neighborhood so love to spread out all over the street, (allowing) it (to) blow into neighbors' yards.

Open-top garbage cans, in the wind, are just the same as the unsecured recycle containers.

Through the years, I have had these open garbage cans blow onto my property destroying plants and dumping trash in my yard. In the past, I have used these cans to pick up the trash from the yard and street and put the broken plants in them for disposal, or I have delivered them to the transfer station off Warm Springs (Road) for disposal. Since they did not have an address on them or a name of a person to return them to, I figured they were unwanted.

I have checked with city of Henderson personnel, and due to the current economic situation, there are not enough Code Enforcement officers to handle larger problems, let alone trash blowing into my yard.

If a cup is thrown out of the window of your moving vehicle, Henderson PD can site you for littering; however, trash blowing through neighborhoods, at present, has no consequences.

Maybe Republic Services can have an employee follow the packers on their "routes," and if they find trash on the street from a tipped over or unsecured container, they can clean up the mess and then bill the property owners for the service, (which would be) comparable to what the fine would be from either the PD or Code.

I believe the mind-set of most of (the people in) the neighborhoods in this Valley is that once it blows out of my container, it is no longer my problem, making it the problem of the property where it lands. This is the reason for so many grocery store plastic bags stuck in trees, trash in pools and litter along streets and washes.

It sure will be nice not to have to pick up my neighbors trash from my yard—maybe, but I doubt it—in the near future. Good luck with this program and perhaps give some consideration to legislating the type of garbage can that has to be used, (such as) the industrial-strength ones from Republic.

I believe that also it will help eliminate injuries to the Republic employees lifting the overloaded flimsy cans that cannot be dumped by the packer equipment and have to be handled by the workers.

And, hopefully, eliminate further trash from blowing through the neighborhoods.

Thanks again for the forethought given to this program.

Richard Reinard

Emerald Valley Resident

Richard Reinard
January 07, 2013

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