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Letter to the Editor

During the past few years, Henderson Libraries has lost $3 million in annual revenue, which leaves a large gap in the budget used to purchase materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, eBooks and more that patrons use every day. The Henderson Libraries Foundation is working to help raise money to fill some of the budget gaps and, during the past year, has been raising money that will be used to purchase materials for the Henderson Libraries.

Currently, the Henderson Libraries Foundation is on track to raise $100,000 and only needs $15,000 more to reach that $100,000 goal by April 30. (One hundred thousand dollars is about 10-12 percent of the district's annual materials budget.) In an effort to reach that $100,000 goal, the Henderson Libraries Foundation is encouraging the community to donate, if they can.

In honor of National Library Week, which is this week, I encourage everyone to think about how public libraries have made a difference in their lives and the lives of others. If a story comes to mind—whether it's about a friend using the computers to find a job when times are tough, a child finding a love of reading through story times, a friend gaining valuable information from a speaker, or anything else, I encourage you to consider how you can help Henderson Libraries during its time of need.

Chris Larsen

Henderson Libraries Foundation secretary


Chris Larsen
January 07, 2013

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