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Understanding fat storage body types helps you target your weight loss

January 07, 2013
Believe it or not, it is possible to shed that extra fat in those 'problem' areas

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for you to loss fat in certain areas of your body? Does a major weight loss result in an asymmetric figure?

For years it was believed that spot reduction, or target weight loss, was not possible. Today, with a better understanding of why and how the body stores extra fat, losing weight in those problem areas is very possible.

There are basically five fat storage body types: belly fat; upper fat on the back, chest and arms; butt fat; bottom fat on the thighs and legs; and overall fat.

These body types are inherited and manifested mostly when a person begins to gain extra pounds, especially after age 40. Acknowledging your fat storage body type and taking action actually can improve your quality of life and prevent chronic diseases associates to obesity.

For instance, upper body fat secretes the stress hormone cortisol, which accelerates excess fat storage and is most dangerous because it resides within striking distance of your heart, liver and other organs; pressing on them, poisoning, and disrupting their daily functions.

Excess free fatty acids in your system also eventually can impair the body's ability to deliver proper levels of insulin to cells, subsequently contributing to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Fat also secretes substances that increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol also are associated with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Belly fat is highly toxic and contributes to a higher risk of heart disease (average waist size should not exceed 30 inches for females and 35 inches for males).

Solid belly fat is an indication of fat stores on both sides of the abdominal muscles and is more dangerous. Excess lower body fat is generally less threatening but is more difficult to lose.

If you're frustrated with the body shape life handed you and think there's nothing you can do about it, the following information may help you finally lose the weight in those stubborn areas, while improving your health and fitness.

Belly fat:

● Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, pasta and rice, which are low in fat and spike blood sugar, increasing stress and making you hungrier.

● Eat anti-inflammatory foods, such as barley, buckwheat and amaranth. These whole grains stabilize blood sugar and help control cortisol surges. Go for other healthy anti-inflammatory fats, too, like olive oil, avocado, sea bass and salmon.

● Use metabolic disturbance training, which is interval training that involves sudden bursts of high-intensity movement alternated with lower-intensity movement. Using an exercise stepper, begin by stepping up and down at a moderate pace for two to five minutes. Then, crank up the pace for 30 seconds to one minute, until you can feel that your heart rate has increased, and you're slightly out of breath. Then go back to the more moderate pace. Repeat throughout the workout. This method boosts both your aerobic and anaerobic systems to speed metabolism and burn belly fat.

Upper fat (back, chest and arms):

● Eat lots of vegetables and fruit: Eat small portion of dairy (such as milk, yogurt and cottage cheese) with each meal (contain elements that help to burn chest fat).

● Supplement your diet by taking 500 mg of L-Carnitine daily, which stimulates the metabolism to trigger a higher level of fat loss. One orange taken with this supplement boosts its effect. Also, studies demonstrate that calcium helps to regulate the way fat cells store, build up and break down fat.

● Interactive cardio training, including tai chi and Zumba, is beneficial.

Butt fat:

● Difficult area to loss fat. Increases risk of colon cancer.

● Eat lots low-fat complex carbohydrates and protein and cut back on saturated fats, such as high-fat dairy, red meats and hydrogenated oils. Eat complex carbohydrate and low-fat protein meals, such as pasta with chicken and vegetables. Research shows that a low-fat diet actually helps break down stubborn fat cells in your bottom region.

● Supplementation your diet by drinking two cups of red clover tea daily

● Lots of cardio and core training is beneficial.

Big thighs fat:

● Most difficult area to loss fat that is accelerated by starvation diets.

● High protein intake, such as whey protein shakes with berries, flaxseed and 100 percent cocoa, is beneficial.

● Supplement with 200 mg of white bean extract daily.

● Use both complex resistance and cardio training in your workout at the same time, such as curtsy, squats and rows.

Overall fat:

Apply tips from each of the first four fat storage areas.

Rory "Lance" Mosley is a health and fitness lifestyle coach and is available for one-on-one and group fitness consultation and seminars. Ask about the new insurance-paid Prescriptive Health and Fitness Training program designed to help you reduce markers for high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc. For more information, you can contact Mosley at (702) 467-1801.

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