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Artnova introduced at Lake Las Vegas

New MonteLago Village gallery features intriguing art technique

The new Artnova Gallery in MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas features brilliant soft paintings wall-to-wall and two stories high created by five artists worldwide that include gallery manager and resident artist AlyciaDighorka. - Don Logay | THP
January 14, 2013
Today, just like love itself, plastic bottles too are now also "lovelier the second time around."

Thanks to the creators of a new innovative technique called "Soft Painting," recycled plastic bottles are being repurposed and reintroduced as works of art.

The new art of "Soft Painting" is being introduced in the United States at the recently openedArtnova Gallery in MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas.

Entering the gallery, one is first stuck by incredibly brilliant colors spread wall-to-wall and nearly two stories high. As the eye begins to select specific items for review, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent these are no ordinary works of art.

At this point, gallery manager and resident artist, AlyciaDighorka, approaches and begins introducing you to the intriguing technique called Soft Art.

She explains and demonstrates the step-by-step process whereby colorful synthetic acrylic micro-fibers made from recycled plastic bottles (that look and feel much like standard wool or yarn) are creatively transformed into colorful and imaginative works of art.

Alycia is one of only five artists in the world – and the only one in the United States – that creates soft paintings using the Artnova technique.

She begins with a synthetic felt or burlap backing, which serves as her canvas.

"I begin creating shapes and images with a single large needle that inserts an array of colorful fibers into the backing," Alycia explains. "At this point, many layers and dimensions can be created and other soft media – such as pieces of string or swatches of burlap – can be added for texture and imagery."

"Once a piece is completed," she continues, "the backing receives an additional layer of industrial strength felt and it then undergoes a proprietary Artnova finishing process whereby a large press with 14,000 needles compresses the work and melds all of the fibers and materials into an indelible work of art that is truly unique and one of a kind."

When finished, Artnova Soft Paintings have a somewhat cloth-like smooth surface that is nice to touch. Yet, they are incredibly durable in many ways.

As the brilliant colors are imbedded in synthetic acrylic micro-fibers, they are not susceptible to UV rays and over time colors will not fade. Also, should they ever require cleaning, dust and smudges can be easily washed away with a little soap and water and without harm to the artwork. Placement outdoors is okay too.

Other advantages include the elimination of expensive framing and/or the need for protective glass over the artwork.

If you love art and thrive on innovative and exciting, you just might want to visit the new Artnova Gallery in the Village at Lake Las Vegas and let AlyciaDighorka introduce you to plastic bottles that are indeed, "lovelier the second time around." 25 Via Bel Canto #100, Henderson, NV 89011, (702) 568-0248.

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